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    Hey guys
    I'm planning to buy a new phone.. since my sidekick lx was washed.. (RIP)
    Well I want a new phone that is HOT right now as in hot I mean everyone wants one. And my carrier is T-Moblie. T-Moblie phones or Unlock Phones are ok.

    I have been thinking about the iPhone or the iPhone 3G but heard iPhone 3G can't be unlock. Or should I just buy the regular iPhone?

    Thanks Guys

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    Re: Need help on buying a new phone!

    dont know much about the states.. assuming its same as Canada.

    If you want a mediocre phone.. W580 is most popular

    if you want a phone that everyone has (higher end) go w/ Iphone 3G, N95, HTC touch is starting to gain some ground, and K850 is fairly popular

    then the "top end" SH920, docomo P905i

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