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    Would the following 99c hands free system work:

    1. Take a wired headset that fits you phone.
    2. Snip off the earphone.
    3. On these 2 wires solder a stereo phone plug (2 prongs will be soldered to the same wire)
    4. Plug it in you car's AUX plug.
    5. Switch your car's radio to "AUX" and adjust the volume.


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    Re: Home made hands-free - will it work?

    that may work, or you can buy a universal plug and hook it on your phone and tune it on the RF (radio frequency) that brodcasts the signal to your car's transmitter,

    this plug can only reach about 2 feet so no one in another car can tune in on your call and eavsdrop on it.

    i dont have one, but one of my friends has one and he says that the signal is great, call quality from 1-10 = +10

    there about $30-50 dollars and some you can find for 20....

    thats just my 2 pennies...

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