Hi everyone I've got one of those iPhone clones, the CECT P168+. First off, I really like it. It's got a great interface, the touchscreen is very sensitive, the digital camera is pretty high quality, it captures video (unlike the iPhone, I've heard), and it has excellent audio quality for playing music.

I'm hoping somebody else with this phone has run into this:

I have two email profiles configured. They are both set to POP3 and all the info for my servers is typed in properly. In both profiles I have selected to NOT auto-check for new email. I'll go hit Send/Receive to see if there's anything out there for me. This was working fine for a long time.

In engineer mode the other day (*#3646633#), under GPRS Acct., I hit 'Attach'. Presumable this means to open the GPRS connection and keep it open. There is no Detach option.

Since that time, approximately every 10-15 minutes, my backlight turns on and I get a notice saying "the last transaction cost 0.00. Your balance is now X". The odd thing about this is that I don't have any prepaid Kilobytes, so if it were actually sending or receiving anything, this would not have cost 0.00... Checking my email costs $0.30 on average.

Does anybody have any idea how to make it stop?

I've power cycled it, and left the battery out for ten minutes to see if that would help. I haven't touch the factory reset yet as that just scares me... Maybe I should...? Any ideas?


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