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    I am in need of a cellphone which has the ability to be able to silence the noise and vibration of incoming calls, but at the same time have a noise alerting me when someone has left a voicemail.

    The carrier I will be using is Cricket, and the phones in my price range I have to choose from are as follows:

    UTStarcom CDM7126
    UTStarcom CDM7026
    Motorola w315

    I don't need anything fancy, just a basic simple phone with the ability to silence the ringer while still being alerted of a voicemail.

    I am completely ignorant about cellphones, and I would really appreciate any help finding a phone with this feature.



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    Re: Turn off ringer but have a voicemail alert?

    Most phones can silence/ vibrate ringtone
    and select preference, settings, sounds, alertsa; select vibrate or select 0 volume.
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