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    I recently purchased a new Motorola cell phone from a store called XXXXXXXXX. They carry all types of phones, and are not connected to a particular carrier. I charged it on my Bank of America Visa. I left the store and all was fine. I used the phone for about one week, and had considerable problems connecting to the party I was dialing. (Touch screen dial pad). This is a $437.00 phone. Also, I had trouble with the connection when I was in my apartment, and often had to stand outside to use the phone. I decided to take the phone back and get something else. I looked in the bag and realized I didn't have a receipt, so I printed out a copy of the transaction on my Visa bill. I took the phone to the store. They told me that all sales were final, and pointed to a 1/2": x 1 1/2" hand-written sign that was affixed to the cash register. The sign was not at all conspicuous, and was surrounded by stickers and other visual merchandising. The clerk then printed me a copy of the sales receipt, which also states in very small print: All Sales Final. It also states that this phone does not have any warranty from the manufacturer or from the store. I returned home, and telephoned Motorola. I was told that that particular phone was not for sale in the U.S. and was only for sale in Hong Kong. I would like to get my money back. Any ideas on how I should deal with this situation would be greatly appreciated.

    See More: Sale of Hong Kong Phone in U.S.
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