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    Hey guys. I found a nifty (though not completely professional) video reviewing the iPhone, Diamond, Dare and Pearl. It's cool cuz it talks about quirky things which usually aren't mentioned, and it includes a benchmarking section on sideloading file management performance. cute girl too

    btw sideloading, for those who don't know, is the to do with transferring files between your cellphone and say your computer. Though in the future it could well connect to TV's or what not. It's growing in importance. Seems to me that the slow sideloading performance issues in cellphones isn't much known or talked about. But it's something that is picking up more and more attention.

    youtube video review of the iPhone, Diamond, Dare, Pearl & sideloading here

    edit: also found more systemmatic benchmarking on this article

    See More: iPhone, Diamond, Dare, Pearl review & sideloading
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    Re: iPhone, Diamond, Dare, Pearl review & sideloading


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