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    Ok here's a question for all you Disneyphilles out there, How would you rate your cell phone service when visiting the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida? Please list your provider and your rating for each of the following.

    Currently I am using Verizon Wireless on a Chocolate phone.

    Animal Kingdom - At this park seems to be little or no cell towers in the area so with my cell phone it's been very spotty.

    EPCOT Center - Decent Reception on most rides including inside of Spaceship Earth which surprisingly had reception and in the World Showcase I had no problems receiving or dialing telephone calls, receiving or sending text/pix messages.

    Hollywood Studios - Again like the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Center the reception was decent but there was some minor problems.

    Magic Kingdom - Decent Reception except on certain rides that go underground such as Pirates of the Caribbean or while eating at the Peco Bill restaurant because of it's structual design as a Mexican Pueblo which causes the service to be poor or non-existent.

    Water Parks and Disney O&O (Owned and Operated) Resorts - No problems at all receiving or dialing telephone calls, receiving or sending text/pix messages.

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    Re: Reception at Walt Disney World

    When I went last time I didn't notice at any point that my reception was bad.

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