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    Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
    i was looking at this phone from that auction place

    Quad Band Dual Sim Cell Phone free TV FM 3.0 touch DT1

    and was wondering if anybody else has bought these things. It's going for about $150 and i was just looking for something that i could use for talking in the U.S. and Mexico with a decent camara and pda-like program to take notes with. It's got room for 2 sims so i guess i could install one US and another Mexican.

    Also just read another post about mobivox which might even make life a little easier.

    Any input would be helpful. i wonder if there are any additional programs (maybe in java?) available for these things.

    Have a great afternoon!

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    Re: Advice on Chinese phone from e ba

    Well, consider this reply too little too late. LOL.

    Posting only because I am in the market for a cell phone myself. My particulars are a Chinese-made CDMA with wifi. Because nobody replied to your post in like two years, and it doesn't seem like others asking about Chinese phones have had much luck either, I figured I'd ask you if you went ahead and bout one. Was it reliable? Did it work on your network? I know that so many of the sellers on e-bay are "top-rated", they must be legit right?

    Any feedback you can give me would be great!


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    Marry Black
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    Virgin Mobile

    Re: Advice on Chinese phone from e ba

    what you just need to do is to enter "wholesle chinese phone " in the google list, you will find so many chinese sites selling cheap chinese phones.

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