I know the general rule of thumb for programing a CDMA phone to work on a network that it wasn't originally on (Ex: A Sprint phone on Alltel) is not impossible but is generally not going to be a success but I have a few questions for anyone who has any experience doing this.

Let's say I am trying to activate a Sprint Palm Centro on the Alltel network and have all the features of the phone work (Voice, text message, picture message, and mobile web).

First off I know that some features of the phone will not work simply because the phone has sprint software loaded on to it (Sprint TV... etc).

From what I have learned, these are the steps I would take to do this.

  1. Find service programming menu and program in all NAM information that pertains to your account.
  2. Find the ESN of the phone, call alltel customer service and tell them you would like to change the ESN that is associated with your account. If they ask what kind of phone it is you can say it is a similar phone that they offer (Like a Treo 766p for example).
  3. If the first two steps are a success the phones voice, text, and I'm assuming picture message features will be ready to use. To activate mobile web a new connection has to be set up in the Palm OS. This would be done by:

    • Creating a new dial-up network connection on the phone to dial #777
    • Then configure the browser software (Blazer) to use alltel's web server

Does this sound like it has the possibility to work? Once again, I know the difficulties of getting a CDMA phone to work on another carrier and don't expect it to work. It sounds like it would to me even if the phone has sprint software. Trying to trick alltel into thinking it is one of their treos seems like the only part that wouldn't work. I'm guessing they would be able to tell from the ESN that it is not a treo.

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