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    Does anyone know if someone is making a PC in your pocket, that also has a cell phone in it... a PC inyour pocket that can get at GSM networks.

    I'm looking for someone that is making a device that does not have a proprietary OS... ie the device doesnt care what OS you put on it.
    Or the OS is truely open... with no trickery, like pay before it will run an application...

    Are these MID things I hear rumors about... such a thing.

    I'll tell you why, I've invented a new type of OS... one can put applications on some box, say a linux box... and then every other machine on the network or internet, regardless of OS... will see and run those application very quickly... coolharbor.100free.com

    I'm not happy with the OS's I see on cell phones... and I'm looking for a device maker that is first making a OS independent, or truely open OS for a pocket device and it has a little cell phone in it...

    A PC in your pocket that rings if you phone it

    Something like that...

    If you know of one please reply... thanks
    Already looked at Android... doesnt float my boat
    Already looked at Symbian... its too expensive for developers, and not good enough
    MS is a possibility... but are there any others... thanks

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