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    I am a verizon customer. I'm currently using the LG VX8100. It's a great phone, it's lasted 2+ years now. I have a cable for it, and I like to make my own ringtones and the ability to download pictures to my computer without having to pay using BitPim. But recently, some of the buttons have started to stick, and I've been due for a "new every two" phone for a while now. Verizon offers a huge amount of online choices, and I'm lost as to what to pick.

    I want simplicity. I text, take pictures, use it as a phone. It'll be my main/only phone so good reception and reliability is a must. Decent battery life. I like the way my phone is a flip phone, but it's not a necessity. The GPS seems like a nice feature, but I've heard Verizon's GPS sucks for driving directions.

    I currently have the America's Choice plan with 450 minutes. I don't use them all.

    I've heard that if I change it now, it'll be a nationwide plan, but I don't know the difference.

    There are lots of free phones, and I suck at making decisions. Please help!

    I'm looking at maybe:

    LG Venus
    LG enV2
    Motorola Adventure
    Samsung Gleam
    Samsung Alias
    Motorola W755
    Nokia 6205

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