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    Hey guys, I'm new here and I stumbled upon this site in search for some minor help. Well to start off I recently purchased the ZTE C79 from Metro Pcs. (Hopefully you guys can recognize the brand since it's pretty new to the market) but anyways lately I've trying to download Images/Tones off the WAP browser but the issue comes in when I have to save the tones or images. I usually download the files fine but when it gets to saving that is where I get stuck.

    When I download image files only 2 tabs are visible which show "Full Screen" and "Ok". By clicking full screen the whole picture occupies the screen and nothing else. By clicking Ok I return the main page of the browser.

    When I download tone files the MP3 player pops up with an option listing the following:
    Store-When I choose this it redirects me to the song list and asks me if I want to create a playlist. I say ok but that's where nothing happens. It just takes me to a blank list which apparently has nothing in it.

    Add to playlist-Asks me to create a playlist.

    I have a plan B which requires me to spend a few bucks. I'm deciding that if I can spend $25 I can buy myself a Micro SD card which I can store music and images on. That way I can use the USB port to transfer without the need to save. Although the issue with that is the money (Can't afford to spend) and the fact that it may not function to my expectations.

    So I would greatly appreciate it if anyone with insight on how the phone works because apparently I'm stuck I really want to customize it slightly to my preferences but apparently I gotta stick with the default tones and wallpapers for now.

    See More: ZTE C79(Issues with Saving Tones/Images)
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    Re: ZTE C79(Issues with Saving Tones/Images)

    Well i have the same phone but all i know that you can get a memory card for 7 dollars at the flea market.
    I recommend you go to the one i went to its at 37st with 7th ave

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    Re: ZTE C79(Issues with Saving Tones/Images)

    what you do is you make the songs you want about 21 seconds long as a MP3 format.

    You THEN email them from your online address on the computer to your email address on the phone (EXAMPLE: janedoe @ yahoo. com then send to [[yourareacodeandyour7digitnumber]]@mymetropcs.com)

    You attach the song then send.

    When you get it as a picture message, go to "browse" and then "save" and it will save it in the "MyTunes" folder thing on the phone.

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