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    I am looking to buy a smartphone and I am leaning towards the BlackBerry Curve 8330 but wanted to see what people thought of this phone or if there is a better smartphone?

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    Re: best smartphones?

    iPhones are great if you are looking for more personalized functionality, but if you plan to use your phone for more work-related functions, especially keeping ontop of your email, than Blackberry all the way.

    I've used Blackberry for several years and I don't think I'll ever get a different brand. Thus, I think you should do your research on what phone to get because I wasn't impressed with the 8330. I have an 8700g and there are still better models out there. Especially one with a camera, which I think some of the Pearls have them now, but I hate the doubled-up letters on the keypad, which is super f-ing slow at typing. Like I said, you have to compare specs.

    If you hold out long enough, a rad Blackberry Bold is due out soon. That should be a killer phone!

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    Re: best smartphones?

    thanks for the info Matty, yes I plan to use it for work related and email mostly. I will take a look around for a better model.

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