Hi Guys!
So heres the deal, I'm due for an upgrade towords the end of next month and i'm looking for a phone with brilliant video viewing capabiliities, not really worried about video capture but the phone should have a decent camera.
Im also quite a power user, i use my device to the fullest, i currently own a nokia n73.
heres what i was looking at,
LG ku990- brilliant video viewing and camera but the fact that it doesnt
have wifi is a major offset and i like the screen size and
the touch screen is something im really into(coming from the
nintendo DS)
and also it can only take 2gigs at a time which really sux and im
no fan of buying tons of memory cards, and besides you have to
take the battery out to replace the memory card.
nokia N81 8gig- not too sure about the video capabilities, but I can always
download third party software to play divx video files and i
like the ngage thing, but the screen size is something thats
bugging (the n95's price is still too high here)

Im open to any suggestions, and i'v been wondering about windows mobile video capabilities?

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