I recently broke my blackberry pearl after having it only a few months, and am looking for something fairly cheap ~50-100USD. I have AT&T and live in the US. I don't want something horrible, if thats possible at this price range.

Things that matter to me are:
+Good texting (preferably a qwerty or the equivalent to sure type, but not a must)
+I realize this probably wont happen at this price range, but I love threaded messaging
+Predictive text with a customizable dictionary
+Fast - no lag whatsoever
+Sound quality

I will probably never use the internet (or anything that requires a data plan) or music, so these things don't matter to me. I don't really care about a camera either. Also I don't really care about form factor or looks, as long as its not too big.

I also don't know too many places to buy these phones, so if you could help me out with some websites that would be great too!

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