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    my contract with att recently expired and although i am a novice and have always picked the cheap free phone when renewing the contract i would like to get the best phone at the best deal this time before signing a two year agreement. i would love an iphone but dont have the money for one so i was looking for the next best thing. i spent half the weekend looking at different phones online and im kinda frustrated and overwhelmed by the amount of choices. i was interested in a blackberry at first then changed to the lg shine and now im leaning towards the att tilt or the lg vu, i would like it to have a good camera and video and these claim to. i would like to stay with att but they only offer these phones free or at a really low price to new customers and not returning customers so im going to see if they want to make me a bettter deal on these phones to keep my business. if not the other companies are offering top of the line phones free with the 2 year contract but i want to have the phone i want picked out before i try to negotiate and was wondering if anyone could give my advice on the best choice of the att tilt or lg vu or a different phone if neccesarry. any help would be greatly appreciated cause i dont think i can stand to look at another phone online lol. thanks ken

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    Re: help choosing best cellphone

    try Samsung Omnia or N82 both have cool features, camera is good and also the style!

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    Re: help choosing best cellphone

    You should buy Samsung Galaxy S5.The device comes with 5.1 inches (Large) display,16 MP Primary camera and 2800 mAh, Li-ionv battery.Go for 91mobiles.com here you can find great device with Innovative features at available price.

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