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    Need headphone w/mike to cellphone adaptor

    I have a Samsung SGH-X426 cellphone that takes a two black ring plug for handsfree operation. I have a earphone with mike that works with this cellphone but the mike boom is very short and so it doesn't pickup my voice very good.

    I have an inexpensive headphone set with a long adjustable boom mike that I would like to use with my Samsung cellphone. It has a 3.5mm 2 black ring plug for the stereo earphone set and a 3.5mm 2 black ring plug for the mike. I am looking for an adaptor that I can plug both the earphones and the mike into that will output to a 2 black ring 2.5mm plug. It will have to be a special plug made specifically for this purpose. I am thinking that I will only have mono sound in the earphones and that is okay. Does anyone here in CellPhoneForums know if such an adapter is available and if so would you please give me a link to a place where I can buy it.

    If not the above adapter maybe you know where I can buy an inexpensive headset ($30 or so or less) over the head headset with two earphones and with a long adjustable mike that will be able to adjust the mike to right in front of my mouth that is compatible with a cellphone. If you know of such a headphone set can you link me to it please.

    I have looked on the Internet for both items and have yet to find such. I imagine that both are available but I just have not found them yet

    Thanks so much for you help.


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