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    AT&T GoPhone
    well im in a hunt for an All-in-One Multimedia unlocked cellphone. im a noobie when it comes to these smartphones so i figured i'd ask here for some help.

    im using a Prepaid AT&T Pay As You Go $.25/min Plan. i rarely use it for phonecalls. i carry it for emergency use only. i txt msg a lot though so i have their "200 Msgs. - $4.99" package. Did i mention it's an old flip phone? lol.

    anyway, what im looking for is a quadband (US and Asia) unlocked cellphone which can PRIMARILY act as my portable media player and also as a high-powered camera (8+ MP). video recording is optional. big internal memory and/or external memory is a must though. wifi also so i can browse the internet.

    also, im trying to search more about playing videos on cellphones and i havent read any thorough and detailed explanation on how this thing really works. i have a lot of downloaded 'scene' avi (xvid) movies and tv episodes that i'd like to watch on a cellphone. i read somewhere that i have to convert it first (to mp4) before i can watch it on a cellphone. what i'd like to know is, is there any cellphone out on the market right now that would play the avi (xvid) ive downloaded 'as is', no conversion necessary?

    btw, im willing to spend around $700 for a new phone as long as it satisfies my multimedia and camera needs. heck, it's not even gonna be a phone for me. it's gonna be an All-in-One Multimedia gadget. :P

    please enlighten this cellphone noob! thanks in advance!

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    Re: All-in-One Multimedia Unlocked Cellphone

    Maybe you would like to try in browsing the HTC phones like the "touch" versions (ie, diamond or pro, etc) some of them have a really good multimedia specs of what I was able to see. Maybe not to the specifics that you want in regards to the amount of megapixels for the camera, but there are two phones in particular that hold up to 5 megapixels and 3.2 megapixels, they are also sleek and are wi-fi ready.
    Although, it would be a good idea to check some reviews from present and prior owners.
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