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    Re: Newbie needs help ,

    Well, i don't know about Verizon, but i know Fido has those pre paid sim cards, i used them for like.. 4 years of my highschool years, before gettinga contract. however, the prepaid sims was always getting on my nerves cuz i would use up my money near the first 2 weeks of the month... ><

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    Re: Newbie needs help ,

    I am not sure, but I was intrigued about your question... since, mostly everyone get their cellphones thru a plan and then you also browse on e-bay seeing how they sell pre-paid sim cards, so the question should probably be logical, if you own a cell phone that you buy thru e-bay(be as it may be) without a contract, you should be able to apply for a service with a "Zero" contract and hook up the line without any restrictions or contract cancellation agreement.

    Maybe I should get some more feedback on this with a service provider, since I have a blackberry "pearl" that I want to unlock.
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