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    I am not really a fan of touch-screens as I have found them hard to use. I don't need full internet access and email on my phone(however it would be a perk..just don't want to spend an extra $40/month for it). My biggest priorities are durability, battery life, customization, and the look of the phone. I just call people with my phone, so I don't need a ton of bells and whistles.

    What do you suggest? It seems like all the newer phones these days are all about data plans and touch-screens, which like I said, I don't really care about. However, I don't want an old, crappy/cheap phone. I am lost. Please help.

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    Re: new cellphone - need suggestions

    I owned samsung versions, blackberry versions, nokia versions... haven't owned and iphone yet... although, I had tried getting one - I needed to check as many reviews as possible and had gone to a couple of iphone stores, my impression was 50/50.

    Although the version that I always been acclimated with and found it more entertaining to have are the Palm versions for those who want the versatility of having a business phone and multimedia phone at the same time... The newest versions are sleeker and full of multimedia features like the 850 and the Pro versions, avoid the centro although it's good -it basically has its limits.

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