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    I have never owned a cell before and I'm planning to get one. I won't be using it a lot, just for emergency calls ect..

    So I did some look around and found that LG KG320 has the lowest.
    But just to be sure that that phone is safe, I did a bit searching and it got me confused.

    at sarsshield dot com, the reading for 1.6w/kg is 1.15, and 2.0w/kg = 0.129

    Why are there two reading and what's the difference? Is this LG KG320 really low in SAR? The reading for 1.6w/kg is what got me confused. Lower numbers means low in sar? no?

    Sorry, I couldn't post the link cause I don't have 20+ posts.

    See More: SAR confusion
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