25yo daughter lives in Europe, not long enough in any 1 country to sign up for phone plan, so uses prepaid sim cards in cheap phone. She would like to upgrade to a phone with wifi and claims all are too expensive unless she signs with a plan. DH and I are about to (soon I hope) switch carriers (sprint to at&t) and we will add her on to our plan ($10 a month) to keep her current US cell phone number. Her plan is to buy wifi phone (discounted from AT&T), get phone unlocked, and swap sim cards so she can use the new phone with prepay service in Europe. We will not get data plan or any international plan for this phone.
If she gets discount through AT&T, which phone? Tilt, BB 8820, BB Bold, and which new ones will be coming out? We know iphone not a good idea to get unlocked.
Any problems getting phone unlocked? AT&T 800 number says they" may" unlock for overseas use.
Anyone know if she can get $100 rebate even if no data plan?
Isn't there a used market in wifi phones that might be even cheaper than buying through AT&T?
Any suggestions much appreciated. Selecting phone plan and buying phones is VERY confusing for non-techies like us. Thanks in advance.

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