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    Im buying a cell phone for someone and I dont know which to choose, these 3 caught my eye though;

    ( Of course not on a 3 year plan )

    Sony Ericsson K850 - $199.99 ( Rogers ) * 5 Megapixel Camera *
    Sony Ericsson W580i - $69.99 ( Rogers ) * Dont trust this one that much.. the price ! *
    LG Rumour - $99.99 ( Virgin Mobile ) * Comes with 3 month free texting *

    I myself have an N95 8GB but the person im buying it for isnt really into cell phones, its just they need one because theirs broke recently.
    So between these 3, which would be the best considering the size and durability. I see alot of people with the Sony Ericsson W580i but the price looks like it will break after a month lol.

    Which would you guys pick according to size and durability?

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