I looking to get the best phone for me because i dont want to be have any regrets. Im looking for a good camera phone with 3-5 mp and i would like flash. I am also going to be texting so i would like a decent number pad, possibly a qwerty keypad. Other than that, i dont need any other stuff like internet. Oh, and the slimmer, the better. I have been looking at the sony ericsson cybershot phones and they seem good but they are kind of thick and the buttons dont seem text-friendly. I also looked at the motorola zine zn5 and, again, the buttons dont look like they are very easy to text on, although i could be wrong. I also saw the htc shadow and the keypad was cool with only 2 letters per button but i only had a 2 mp camera. I know i probably wont find the perfect phone but i would just like some more options on phones before i buy one. And again, it doesnt need a ton of fancy stuff, i want to keep the price down too.

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