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    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and am seeking advice about a new smart phone purchase.

    I have service with two providers

    T-Mobile (Voice service)
    Verizon (Data card for laptop).

    I have decided that I want to purchase a smart phone with tethering to replace my data card for my laptop. This way, I will be able to tether my notebook to get internet access and also will have the option to have a smart phone which I can carry with me when I don't want to carry my laptop.

    What I will need this phone for (Requirements)

    1. Web surfing as I will access a web page which contains support requests and I will be interacting with that web site to reply to those support requests on the web site itself.

    2. SSH Program to access Linux web servers via SSH

    3. Remote Desk Top or other similar program to access Windows web servers

    4. As much storage (memory) as possible.

    5. Email with as much freedom as possible as I have my own POP email accounts at my own domain name.

    6. Wi-Fi web surfing on the phone but not tied down to certain hot spots as with T-Mobile (This is a WISH but is not required)

    ** I have been considering Windows Mobile strongly, but am not set on this as the OS. I will consider other OS systems as long as items 1-5 are met above.

    Budget = About $200 for the phone
    Monthly Recurring: Willing to go as high as $90.00 per month

    Please suggest a smart phone for me that will meet my requirements. I have generally been looking at Verizon phones as they have the fastest network in my area (South East Georgia). However, I will consider other providers as long as their network is at least as fast as Verizon's network.


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