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    In my Data Communications class, I am working on a team that has to describe CDMA and its competition, and I have a few questions. What layers in the OSI model does cdmaOne operate on? I know it operates on the physical and data-link layers, but does it also operate on the network layer, or the application layer? I know that Wikipedia describes it as having a third layer as a "call processing state machine", but what layer is call processing?

    One of the questions is "What programming language is the technology written in?" [For GSM, cdmaOne's competitor]. My answer is that cdmaOne is a spec that can be implemented in a variety of languages, but my teammate wants documentation, and I believe an answer in an online forum will count as this documentation.

    Our group still seems uncertain about what exactly we're describing. I'm saying that we're talking about cdmaOne, but we still have information on Code Division Multiple Access..

    Also, is cdmaOne just how the cell phone communicates with the towers, or is there more to it?

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    Re: CDMA/GSM question for class..

    The Open System Interconnect is more of a standard of standards. I'm sure you're already figured out the model:

    7. Application Layer
    6. Presentation Layer
    5. Session Layer
    4. Transport Layer
    3. Network Layer
    2. Data Layer
    1. Physical Layer

    If I'm reading this book correctly: CDMA Capacity and Quality Optimization - Google Book Search It's saying that CDMA has a set of protocols that use every part of OSI. For example, MAP uses layer 7, SCCP uses layer 3, ISUP uses 4 through 7, TCAP 5 & 6, etc.

    Your second question about programming is pretty broad. It doesn't specify if it's talking about the software on the phones (which is mostly java) or the programming being used in the towers & satellites (which is mostly C - I would think) Tell your teammate that they're being too picky. I would say your answer is right since there is definitely no one language.

    Keep in mind that cdmaOne is the first of many CDMA protocols. For more on that just read wikipedia:
    IS-95 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Code division multiple access - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    CDMA2000 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Re: CDMA/GSM and OSI

    Thank you. Also, I know that cdmaOne is basically owned by Qualcomm, but who has the rights for GSM?

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