I've searched the forums, but have not found an answer, so I'll solicit some myself...

I am interested in locating the cell phone(s) with the best audio quality -- solely for voice (music, etc., is not a factor). Actually, I think I most interested in the sound level (must be high) and quality (must be understandable) when listening to the call through the earpiece. I am not so concerned with the audio quality leaving the phone.

Why would I be interested in something as mundane as voice quality? Actually, I'm asking on behalf of my 95 year old father. He has a hell of a time understanding the audio coming out of his phone (currently a Moto Razr V3). He wears hearing aids, if that's a factor.

In my research on this forum, I've seen a number of opinions stating that audio quality across phones is "more or less the same". Sorry, but I disagree with that. I know it's always a crap shoot when my wife changes phones (keeping the service provider constant). Sometimes it improves and sometimes it gets worse.

His current provider is AT&T, but he'd switch in a heartbeat if another network clearly had better audio quality.

If no phones surface, I guess the next step will be to try a bluetooth headphone/mic combo.

I know that he and I are both relics of a bygone era -- caring about voice quality more than features. We'd be highly appreciative of any solid recommendations you can offer.

Thanks much!


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