Wacky Wednesdays are here!

Every other cell phone forum I have been on I have started Wacky Wednesdays...this formed the most educated wireless device users! The wireless users that used the site became very knowledgeable about specific things that they never thought possible.

Each week on a Wednesday, you will see a thread, from me titled: "Wacky Wednesday: Week ___". Then, I will go into deep talk about a specific topic or maybe even multiple topics. The talk of the week may be something about software updates. Then I would discuss how every wireless carrier does software updates and the methods used. I would discuss the top 4 or 5 carriers in the U.S. (sorry international users). That is just one of the topic possibilities. The possibilities are endless. I then encourage users to chime in intellectually.

The Wacky Wednesday post will be placed in the necessary/correct forum in which it relates to. Sometimes, I may forget about this (rare). If I do...PM me...I'm usually on. If I'm not, send me an IM using yahoo messenger, you can do that from here. Also, sometimes things come up where I'll be unable to do it. I will post in my signature (which updates all of my signatures on all of my posts) that will say "Sorry, No Wacky Wednesday for Wednesday, Month Day, year. That forms the date .

I hope people will join in. In the future, Wacky Wednesday will move to my Blog...available on this site.

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