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    This is a really cool looking phone that I wouldn't mind having. Just recently at the 3GSM Asia event in Macau, a new Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional smartphone was introduced. The new phone, which was named iCEphone, was built by TheMedicalPhone. As you can see, this neat looking smartphone features a Tri form factor, which gives the user and option between a QWERTY keyboard, a gaming-oriented keypad, or the 3" touchscreen display.

    Where did the name, "ICEphone" come from? According to mobileburn.com the phone gets its name from the dedicated emergency button that, when pressed, sends the current GPS location and other information to emergency services in the area.

    Another unique feature that the ICEphone has, which we had recently heard about is the ruggedized casing, that protects the phone from shock and water. The iCEphone is set to be available in Q2 2009, priced at a whopping $1000, and is being targeted at military and other government uses.

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