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    Re: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance is a Rip Off!

    Do you no what Insurance is? Do you know what Warranty is? Insurance covers the accidental loss, theft, liquid, or physical damage of your phone. It does not cover Manufacturer's Defects, Malfunction, Intentional Acts, or normal wear and tear since all material goods have a standard life and wear out eventually. It also doesn't cover you for downloading a virus onto your phone, of if you corrupt your software, as these are user actions.

    Now - if you accidentally drop your phone and break it - you're covered. If you dog chews it, covered. Drop it in the sink - again, covered. Lose it, have it stolen? Covered.

    Read your Terms people - educate yourselves about what you're buying, and what its purpose is - don't make assumptions, and don't blame/badmouth the company because you didn't bother to learn. The coverage information for every program that Asurion, the Signal, Cell-Pro, etc. offer is easily available on-line if you didn't get the brochure, or simply by calling and asking.

    99% of complaints are because consumers didn't bother to educate themselves and just said "sure, sign me up". That's not the company's fault - that's your own.

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    Re: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance is a Rip Off!

    I purchased this insurance recently for the first time to cover an iPhone 4. This phone was stolen yesterday. I raced around getting all the documentation that they needed and got it submitted before the daily deadline of 4 PM. I did talk with someone once to be sure I was including everything necessary, and I was assured that if it can in on time, filled out completely and correctly, they would be able to ship me a new phone today. Today I got the follow up email that indicated that my phone (iphone 4 in white) was out of stock. I was directed to call the company to make further arrangements. I spoke with the first person only to be told that it was backordered. I asked about other iPhones or other colors. All were back ordered. I then asked to talk with a supervisor to get some idea of the timing of the backorder. She indicated that it would be up to 7 days before they even got any new iPhones, and then she could not tell me where I was in the list of people waiting for them. I am currently going in and out of town tending to an ailing mother at the end of her life. I can't predict where I'll be in a week, and I need the phone to keep up with work as I'm traveling. I asked for a refund, and the agent insisted no refunds were possible. Reading the terms after I got off the phone made it clear that you could indeed get a refund. I will be pursuing that, and I will simply go to my AT&T store and buy another iPhone 4. They have them in stock!

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    Re: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance is a Rip Off!

    That's really crappy of them to not at least offer you a refund.

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    Re: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance is a Rip Off

    I had the same problem with Asurion. I tried 3 times to place a simple claim for a lost phone and each time they denied it right away without even speaking to me. They denied it because the phone that I was currently using was not the phone on my claim. That should be a no-brainer. I explained that because my sidekick was lost I was currently using my junk drawer phone. Then when I tried to file a claim again the following week they said that the time period to file a claim had passed and I could no longer file a claim. Asurion just LOOKS for reasons to deny your claim and I am really irritated with T-Mobile for recommending them. When I informed T-Mobile that I no longer wanted the insurance they then had the nerve to tell me that I would no longer be covered and if my phone was lost I wouldn't be able to get a new one...blah, blah, blah. Asurion is a rip-off and T-mobile is a jerk for vetting a rip-off company like Asurion to their customers.

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    Re: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance is a Rip Off!

    Lost- if your phone is unintentionally lost (forgetting it on top of your car, lost it quading)

    Stolen- if your phone was stolen from a personal concealed area (ex: purse, locker, car, home) basically as long as you dont leave it in a public area unattended (called intentional parting or leaving it in a public area unattended)

    LEAVING IT ON A TABLE IN A RESTURANT WHILE GOING TO THE BATHROOM IS INTENTIONAL PARTING (NOT COVERED) unless you have someone watch the phone for you, because that is not leaving it in a public area unattended.

    Damaged- if there is PHYSICAL damage to the phone (drops, breakage, cracks, etc...) you're covered as long as there is an incident for the damage (breaking it, washing it in the washer, dropping it in the toilet, running it over ON ACCIDENT, your kid threw it, your cheating wife stomped on it etc...

    Warranty- every new phone you buy comes with a standard one year warranty, basically if the phone has no damage and has never been dropped or anything that could have caused damage, and its just not working, that is warranty. The manufacturer will cover this for little to no cost to you. ANY DAMAGE TO THE PHONE VOIDS THE WARRANTY. the phone is also inspected for damage, so if you know you have dropped it, they are most likley going to ship it back and tell you its broken, to file an insurance claim. Remember I said there has to be an incident to cause the damage.

    If you ever call and say your stuff is broken and you dont know what happened to it, it will not be covered. Remember to report the damage within 60 days of the incident. The sooner the better. Most of all, when you buy insurance, learn what you are paying for. You cant get mad at insurance companies because you were ignorant and did not learn what you are covered for, in other words paying for something and not know what you are paying for.

    P.S. Always call to update credit card info and address. If you have questions always call before you file a claim and you can ask whats covered and they will tell you. Call back later and file the claim. Also, store reps tell people to lie all the time, its funny because those claims get rejected all the time, the store reps usually do not know what they are talking about.

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    Re: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance is a Rip Off!


    Aucun intérêt à souscrire cette assurance New Asurion, qui n'en est pas une : Le mobile de remplacement est un ancien téléphone, et non un neuf (iils arrangent les téléphones cassés qui leur sont envoyés et les envoient à d'autres utilisateurs). Le prix de la franchise (90€, chez Bouygues Telecom, je ne sais pas si c'est toujours pe même) vaut finalement un mobile d'occasion comme celui-là, et ce qui a été payé en "assurance" auparavant est tout simplement de l'argent perdu.

    En bref, c'est une arnaque, ils doivent gagner des fortunes sur notre dos...

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