I got a w580i with a 2 year contract with ATT. I have 9 months til it ends.

3 buttons have broke on it. 1 broke 5 months ago, but it wasn't a critical button. Now my 'back' and 'up' button on the navigation have broke.

The phone is frustrating to use without it. Any time I click on something in error, I have to turn off my phone and turn it on and try again.

I want a new phone, but looking at the prices on ebay for unlocked phones is pretty depressing.

The only things I *really* liked about the 580i was the camera (worked really well with the slider design), the menu layout, and the slider design.

The walkman, step meter thing, browser, all that stuff was really just bloated software that I never used.

So... first, do you guys know the best option for me to get a new phone? Second, what are the more decent camera phones out there now?

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