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    Ive been a pretty basic cell phone user in the past, but lately I have been wanting a phone with more features. I have seen a lot of "smart-phones" that I think look great, but I have one fairly big problem. I live in Japan, and I may be moving back to the US in two years or so. After that, I may find myself traveling back and forth a fair amount.

    I want a nice phone, but I don't want to drop a lot of money on one just to have to scrap it, or try to sell it when I move. I know that most phones are locked to their carrier.

    So, what are the options for either unlocked phones that are more robust (phone, pda, music, other apps) and can easily transition from one provider to another, or are there any providers that have real international support (Not the $1.30 a min calls)?

    On a side note, what the heck to diplomats and people who work for multinational companies (People who travel to different countries constantly) do?


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    Re: Japan & USA (probably impossible)

    I had no problem using my sony ericcson in Japan with ATT service. The bill hurt though! It's probably cheaper to rent a phone, especially in japan..

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