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    Hey all,

    I find myself in the market for a phone after 8 (yes, eight!) years with my trusty, old Nokia. Sure it's not much to look at, but it has outlasted all these newer, fancier flimsier things.

    I would like to stay with Verizon (if possible) but my priority is finding a suitable replacement for the Nokia. Suitable meaning: high on the quality and low on the bells and whistles.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks,

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    Re: My kingdom for a phone. JUST a phone.

    I typically do not recommend others stick with one cell phone for eight years. Manufacters are working mericals with cell phone recievers. Depending on what means the most to you in a cell phone that old nokia may not be getting you the best service. I work in a sort of Bermuda triangle for cell phone signals, nothing gets in or out. My old two year old cell phone simply could not get signals anywhere in the building. My current one is three months old and it can get signals in 75% of the building. I am looking for a phone that can get signals in the remaining 25% then I will be happy.

    Anyhow here is your answer: LG VX 9700 - touch screen
    Palm Treo 700p - smartphone
    Samsung sch-u710 - clamshell

    First chose which type of cell phone fits your needs then buy the cellphone listed with that type. For men I recommend the sch-u710 becuase we men are typically have our phones in a pouch on our belts and when we bend over we acidently make phone calls. To remedy this buy a clamshell where the cover protects the keys from acidental phone calls. Women, I typically recommend the VX9700 becuase they are typically puting it in their purse so acidential phone calls are not a worry and fast and easy access to the phone is the main thing they are looking for. The 700p for those business executives that need to communicate via email in addition to voice.

    So its either the 700p or the sch-u710 depending on wether you need email capability or not.

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