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    I hate to bother everyone with one of these questions, but I wanted to know everyone's view on this, as it's hard to search for what phones are compliant with SIMS cards, and I don't want to feel restricted with JUST T-mobile phones. My problem is that I want to try and get as cheap a smart phone as possible, however, I'd REALLY prefer if it had wi-fi (being able to load youtube is enough). I am not interested in any data plans, so cost is a big deal for me. I am ultimately looking for:
    *A phone that works with SIMS cards (T-mobile)
    *Smartphone (MUST be able to read documents, ppts, etc..)
    *Organizers such as calendars, as well as word (or some good word processor)
    *Wi-fi capabilities (able to load youtube would be amazing, but absolutely enough)
    *Either a full QWERTY keyboard, a "solid" touch screen, or if all else fails, at least a decent keyboard that has half-keys on it.

    I would REALLY appreciate ANY help!

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    Re: Best "Cheap" Smartphone?

    Well, since you're probably in the United States, you are limited mainly to the selection of AT&T and T-Mobile's devices. Verizon Wireless and Sprint and all the rest of the U.S. doesn't really use SIM Cards.

    If you were to go ahead and get a PDA/Smartphone from another carrier, other than T-Mobile...you would need to search places like EBay and places that unlock devices. Unlocked devices cost 5 times more than that of a locked device. You may also be able to get international GSM devices from EBay, which may be more stylish...but also more expensive.

    Here is a list of wifi devices available from AT&T (USA):

    • AT&T 8100 Smartphone
    • Applie iPhone 3G
    • HP iPAQ Pocket PC h6320 Cell Phone
    • RIM Blackberry Bold
    • Blackberry Pearl 8120
    • Blackberry Pearl 8100

    *Other devices may exist. The devices above may also meet your standards as far as PowerPoint and other needed items. The iPhone is the only one I'm a little concerned about having everything you want.

    Here is a list of wifi devices available from T-Mobile (USA):

    • Samsung t339
    • Samsung Katalyst
    • Nokia 6301
    • Nokia 7510
    • Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220
    • Blackberry Pearl 8120
    • Blackberry Curve
    • Blackberry 8820
    • T-Mobile Shadow
    • Blackberry Curve 8900 -- Coming Soon!

    T-Mobile is known for being the leader in wifi. My personal opinion is find a good phone from them or one made for them (even if you don't buy it from them). They have unlimited wifi calling, if you use one of their wifi phones! I personally say go with T-Mobile's devices...don't pay the high unlocked phone prices.
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    Re: Best "Cheap" Smartphone?

    If you don't want to be limited with just on provider. You have to get an Unlocked GSM Phone.

    You can check out the Nokia E63. It is very affordable smartphone that has a full QWERTY Keyboard, WiFi, Camera, Email, Organizer, Calendar and Document viewer and Office Applications

    Check it here: Unlocked Nokia E63

    Btw. we also offer a huge discount to cellphoneforums members.

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