Should I switch wireless providers from Verizon Wireless to AT&T?

Recently, I have disagreed with some executive decisions that Verizon Wireless has made. They lowered the New Every Two promotion value, they created a nice feature "Friends and Family" that turned out to be crap, they are expensive, and then I email them multiple times and they have the nerve to send me a copied/pasted answer.

Yes, I know, if I move I will suffer as far as coverage. I have spoken with AT&T online chat and Verizon online chat. Verizon says "Our network is unsurpassed" while AT&T stated (when asked about the network) "I am sure we could offer you over all better service". I did have an argument with AT&T when they stated 3G was available in my town with them, then I proved them wrong.

I need to know thoughts, opinions, and suggestions about the change. Has anyone done a change like mine from Verizon to AT&T. Do you regret it? Pros/cons? Are you happy?

Thank You.

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