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    While cleaning out a drawer, I found two chargers from cell phones that I no longer have: a Samsung TAD037JBE and a Motorola PSM5091A. I'm sorry- I don't remember the model numbers of the phones they were for. As far as I know the chargers still work. Is there a place to connect owners of older phones with used accessories? Is there some other use to which they could be put? If not I'll just throw them away.

    I looked in the Market and found a link to pcauctions.com, but the site doesn't seem to exist anymore.

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    Re: What to do with chargers for phones I no longer have?

    First check with your police department and see if they take old phones to turn into 911 phones for old people and then see if they could use them if not then take them to your local second hand store maybe someone can use them.

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