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  • Yes I use them frequently and would do it again

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  • Yes I use them occasionaly and might do it again

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  • Yes I use many features on the phone but not the plan

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  • No I mainly just make call from my phone

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    I am attempting to make a poll. My question is: Do you think buying a smart phone and data plan is worth the added cost. I asked a couple of my friends who said after the novelty wears off its just a non value added cost. The majority of my peers and myself have laptops which they use for surfing Email and such. I am guessing the results of my poll to be slightly skewed due to the nature of this forum. But her it goes anyway If I am unable to make the poll below is what I am looking for.

    1. Yes the phone and data plan are value added. I would do it again
    2. Yes the phone and data plan are value added I occasionaly use them
    3. The phone is value added but the plan is not
    4. No I see no real added value having the phone or the plan. I would not do this again

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    Re: Is a smart phone plan smart

    I had the same plan when I had a stupid phone.
    So to me the plan is not the issue,
    and I will never buy a dumb phone again.
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    Re: Is a smart phone plan smart

    lol dumb phone

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