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    Spyker introduces four new phones for 2009.

    At the first of February, two of the phones were shown, but more details about these phones have surfaced.
    The nicest phone has no name yet, but it is a candybar built from titanium and comes with a crystal glass display. Some of the features of this phone are:
    * Quad band GSM connectivity
    * UMTS/HSDPA/ HSUPA connectivity
    * Bluetooth with A2DP
    * WiFi
    * 3MP camera
    * 1.3MP front-facing camera for video calls
    * MicroSD card support
    Next we have the Spyker EG200. It has a touchscreen display and a navigation pad that is touch-sensitive and features like tri-band GSM connectivity, a 3MP camera and Bluetooth with A2DP.

    Last but not least, there are two sliders by Spyker that look about the same and both have dual SIM capabilities, tri band GSM/GPRS connectivity, Bluetooth and 2MP cameras except on of the sliders has an aluminum case.

    via: Spyker to launch four new phones Unwired View

    Unknown name:

    Spyker EG200:

    Other two sliders:

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    Re: Spyker introduces four new phones

    The EG200 looks great. Are these ever coming to the US?

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    Re: Spyker introduces four new phones

    Quote Originally Posted by tbaker View Post
    The EG200 looks great. Are these ever coming to the US?

    dont' know... but it would be nice if they did.

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