Hello, I am glad to have found this website. I will be leaving to Asia soon, South Korea followed by Japan, and so I will require a cell phone . I'm not to familiar with cell phone technology but I am under the assumption that Asia works on an advanced CDMA Quad band network, which the USA does not.

I have been looking at the M88, and I9 "clone phones," and they both seem to fit the bill I am looking for, quad band, while also having nice features of the Iphone (which obviously would not work to well overseas ) However I do not want a "cheap," phone, but at the same time I dont want to take out a loan to send text and make calls

If anyone could post suggestions or comments, I would highly appreciate it. Also the reason why I dont just wait till I'm in Korea to buy a phone is that I hear they are quite expensive and if I can pick one up a little cheaper stateside, I'd like to save the extra cash.

Thanks ahead

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