Kudos for the great forum.
I would like to suggest that a specific sub-forum be made to talk about CECT and other Chinese cell phones as many people have those, and the topics about these seem to be scattered around the forum.

Anyhow, I have a question regarding a problem I have with one of these.
I have the S658 (also known as the P658) Chinese phone.
I assume this is a CECT brand phone as the menus look the same as most Cect phones. Here is a picture of the phone itself:


The problem that I have is that after having entered a couple of items on the "Task List" I am now Unable to delete them.
I cannot delete tasks with reminders, birthdays, etc.
When I get to the task list, I click on the task itself and then click on options but nothing happens. There seems to be no way to delete these.
If anyone has experienced this problem and was able to fix it (with either this or any other cect or chinese phone) your help will be most appreciated!

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