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    I am looking at getting my first smart phone and am lost in the mix. I have only ever had a phone and have found opinions "for" and "against" everything.

    Besides the phone, my biggest use of this will be the calendar/planner. I am very busy and need to stay organized with appointments and to do lists. I saw a freinds (I think it was windows mobile) that had notifications on the home screen and I liked that. I am sure I will use the internet frequently/daily as well as tv on it via web. Email push is not a big deal at all, I can read that at home. Sync with home pc is not a big deal. Music/video not a big deal either. Of course I will explore games and useless applications, but still not a necessity. Good sound quality while on phone. I need it to be on 24/7 as it is used for my alarm clock too. I know, at this point a PDA sounds like the answer, but hate the idea of carrying two devices. I hear iPhone is a great toy/phone/organizer, but AT&T service is not an option. I am stuck with Alltel. (1 of 3 phones still in contract)

    After looking at what phones Alltel offers it looks like I have the following to choose from:
    Palm Treo Pro
    Blackberry Curve 8330
    HTC Touch Pro
    Anything else?


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    Re: Help me choose!

    If you are lookin for an organizer phone my suggestion to you would be to go with the Blackberry, They are very user friendly and are pretty much made for organization as with the calendar. I owned the Blackberry pearl and loved it but i switched as i didnt want to pay the data charges anymore.

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    Re: Help me choose!

    Lol . Go with the one you like the most.

    I like both of them
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    Re: Help me choose!

    what phone should i choose is loaded questioned, without choosing a particular phone to purchase, my opinion leans me towards a smartphone that uses the √erizon network. I'm of cell phones that uses windows, i use MAC's, but, i'm not an I-phone fan because it uses AT&T as its service provider, i'm glad i don't NEED a true smart phone.

    Looking forward to the release of the LG ARENA
    thee iPhone 6

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