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    Ok, so I've searched the forums here, but have been unable to find answers to my specific question. I hope I haven't just missed it! But here we go:

    I'm currently living in Thailand and, before I go back, would like to buy an unlocked cell phone. However, I don't fully understand how unlocked cell phones work! I'm using T-mobile in the states. If I buy, for example, an iphone here, will it work in the US? I keep reading something about bands, but I don't really follow that. Are there other concerns I should have or things I need to keep in mind while buying a phone here?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Bring an unlocked phone from Thailand to US

    Your best bet is to buy a GSM phone. For a regular iPhone to work on t-mobile requires a bit of handy jailbreaking work as iphones are only supposed to work on AT&T anyway. I'm not sure what is different in the programming in the Thailand version, but I'm sure it's not too much different.

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