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    There is no doubt that the iPhone has changed the smartphone world and forced cellphone manufacturers to sit back and rethink how they create new devices and features and how they can compete. Nokia recently announced a very compelling entertainment-focused iPhone rival and Blackberry have launche an stronger competitor - BlackBerry Storm. so which of them is much better? Let's make a comparision.

    The BlackBerry Storm features a high-resolution 360 x 480 touchscreen, which gives it a 4:3 aspect ratio akin to older TVs, versus the iPhone 3G's 320 x 480 touchscreen which is a 3:2 ratio. Not much to choose between the two, though.
    The Storm offers several virtual keyboard options, including standard QWERTY in landscape mode and SureType in portrait mode
    The iPhone offers several keypads (QWERTY, numeric, symbols) in both landscape and portrait modes.
    The BlackBerry Storm features a modest 3.2 megapixel camera, still beating the iPhone's two megapixel affair. Additionally, it supports video recording out of the box.
    The Storm uses BlackBerry Maps and offers Touch Screen Navigation. The iPhone features Google Maps and navigation.
    Both units handle 3G where available, have GPS and Bluetooth. The Storm's Bluetooth implementation is better than the iPhone's.
    Web Browsing
    Both units feature web browsers, though as far as I'm aware exact information about the Storm's software isn't yet public. Various forums have suggested it's based on "WebKit", which is what Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome (among others) are based on.
    Operating System
    The Storm appears to be running BlackBerry OS 4.7, whereas the iPhone runs OS X.
    The Storm features 1GB of internal memory, 128MB of Flash memory, and support for microSD expansion cards up to 16GB. The storage of iPhone is 16 GB, but no expansion.
    We all know that iPhone 3G is the best iPod Apple has ever created. iPhone 3G supports a wide range of audio formats including AAC, MP3, WAV and video format MPEG-4 , while the Storm pipping the iPhone with WMA and WMA ProPlus audio formats. And video formats, the Storm also able to handle WMA files. The music and video playback experience of iPhone is awesome. We can image that the experience of enjoy video and music with Strom is more wonderful.

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    Re: Blackberry Storm VS iPhone

    These two devices are NOT comparable.

    Maybe compare a Blackberry to a Blackberry and possibly an iPhone to an HTC touch of some kind...but not the iPhone with Storm...bad comparison.

    Blackberrys have PERFECTED the Smartphone market.

    The iPhone was released as a huge failure and over years of hard work...it's become a little better...but still has a way to go before it's perfect.

    The Storm isn't perfect, but the customer satisfaction rate is higher...WAY HIGHER...with it than the iPhone.

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