I'm on T-Mobile and currently have a Sony Ericsson w300. It's starting to act up though and it's about time for a new phone. So, I've looked at reviews and all, and of course, all the expensive phones (300 up) are the top phones. Also, the reviews don't cover some of my pet peeves with phones that could potentially turn me away from them, so I was hoping you all could help.

First, I'd like a vivid display for the phone. This is one of my biggest wants for a phone. Sony has done well with all its displays (Specifically the w600). One thing I never see covered in the review is how the phones screen changes when someone is calling. I prefer to see a nice big ol picture of the person calling (Whether its from the camera or from a computer).

Second, I'm trying to find a phone without movable parts. My girlfriend just got a LG m320 (Obscure?) and its a very tiny candy bar phone.

Also, I'd like to find a nice camera on it. I don't need a 5 megapixel, but maybe something nice with a flash.

Finally, I'd like the phone to be able to play full songs as ring tones. I had a LGCU500, nice phone, but it only would allow clips of about 25 seconds as a ring tone. Sony on the other hand, lets me play full songs.

Of course, affordability is another problem. I'm looking to spend about 150 or so on a phone (Ebay). Thank you for all your help in advanced, especially if you read all that lol.

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