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    Two guys from Lancaster, PA were trying to set the record for texting in a single month. Little did they know, their 'unlimited' texting plans aren't so unlimited. 217,000 texts between the two, and the month of March gone, the phone bill for one of the men, which cost nearly $30 alone to send to him, said he owed T-Mobile $26,000!

    Shocked the man immediately called T-Mobile. Luckily T-mobile reversed the charge, but is still investigating.

    via: Record attempt reaps 217K texts, $26K phone bill by AP: Yahoo! Tech

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    Re: Men run up $26,000 phone bill trying to set texting record

    I can't begin to imagine what it was like for that guy to get a $26K phone bill, especially if he actually had a comprehensive plan with "unlimited" texting. Talk about shock! I get particularly riled when people are stuck with huge, often erroneous cell bills; I hear about this all the time because I work for the consumer advocacy website, powered by a company called Validas, where we slash the average cell bill by 22 percent (not trying to spam or blatantly plug, but it's true). Consumers like the guy in Pennsylvania may not have been actively misled by their wireless providers, but this example seems to illustrate that cell plans are clearly not impervious to problematic charging and subsequently many “unlimited” plans remain vulnerable to significant usage. I could go on and on about how shifty these cell companies can be in their attempts to make you overpay. I'll mention that at Validas, we stop them and have currently put over $5,000,000 back in the pockets of consumers. You can check out Validas’s in the national news media, seen recently on Good Morning America at

    Good luck to everyone trying to cut your wireless expenses in this rough economy.


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    Re: Men run up $26,000 phone bill trying to set texting record

    All I can say is wow!! Thats a lot of texting!!! lol

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    Re: Men run up $26,000 phone bill trying to set texting record

    Wow from me too! That's a very nice idea. Good thing T-Mobile immediately reversed the charge for the good of those guys who are innocent. Besides its gonna cost T-Mobile so much for the damages if ever they didn't reverse it.

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    Re: Men run up $26,000 phone bill trying to set texting record

    Actually, T-Mobile was very nice...they didn't actually have to reverse them.

    Read the fine print. It says that it is capped at 100,000 texts sent/received per month.
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    Re: Men run up $26,000 phone bill trying to set texting record

    I think in order to hit that record you would have to text every minute of the day... what is way too much for me. I have to go to work. Definitely insane. I think its reasonable to cap "unlimited" text even if it is false advertising, who wouldve known someone would try to set a record.
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