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    Basically, i've narrowed it down to these two.
    I like the Impression better in everyway, except for the fact that i keep reading reports that it can freeze up.

    Can anyone help me out here, is this true, or is this EXTREMELY rare, and i don't need to worry about it?


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    Re: Samsung Impression vs LG Xenon

    I was deciding between these two also. I picked the Impression just based on the fact that I've always had Samsung phones and never had any real problems with them. The only reasons I liked the Xenon are that they had nicer colors (I loved the red one) and it was lighter and less bulky.

    Anyways.. I am extremely frustrated with the Impression constantly lagging when I use the slide-out keyboard to text. Another problem I've been experiencing is having to shut my phone on and off several times to get texts to send. I'll have service yet it will continue asking me to "Try again?". This may be the service provider's issue rather than the phone's because I was having a similiar problem with my last phone (Samsung Propel).. but it seems to be a nation-wide problem so I don't know which to blame. Also, the Impression isn't very customizeable.. you can't change the background of your phone when it's locked, and all the default backgrounds are very girly. Hope this helped. Let me know if you have any other questions about it.

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    Re: Samsung Impression vs LG Xenon

    I personally would perfer LG. My experience with the Impression wasn't pleasant but since its been 2 years now, I would guess that the screen has been spazing out, messeges not being sent sometimes, and somtimes the screen going completely black. The LG phone that I have now can kick the Impression's ass anytime

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