This morning I unplugged my phone from the wall, assuming it was working fine (I just put it in my pocket and left) and went on the bus ride to busch gardens, an amusement park on a school trip.
While checking my phone sometime mid day during this trip, I noticed my phone was not working properly.
Every time I press a key, the screen goes black for 10-20 seconds. It still enters in the numbers/letters, but its annoying. I took out the battery for like 8 hours (I fell asleep with it out ont he ride home), its still not working.
The only cause I could think of this to be is because I was wearing a ... well a fanny pack >.> and I may have hit it against a harness during a roller coaster ride.
If anyone has a solution, I would love an answer. I can't really afford a new phone right now and I'm definitely not due for one.

Btw, its a fairly new samsung rant, but this seems more like a generalized topic.

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