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    I've been searching Consumer Reports, CNet reviews, and various cell phone websites, but can't find out if any camera phones can be plugged into my mac laptop so I can download photos from the camera phone into the laptop. I don't want to spring for an iPhone (I'm not interested in carrying around a wi fi implement, just want phone for talking, texting, messages, etc., with a good camera). I tried searching the forum here, only found one post close to this topic but no answer.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Mac compatible camera phone (don't want to get iPhone)

    I'm looking to trade in my Sony Ericsson w/ an awesome camera for an updated phone. Two questions: 1) I want a phone that has a great camera w/out iPhone pricing. 2) I am having trouble getting my pics off my phone to my MacBookPro. Any ideas? I appreciate it.

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