hi all, hope someone can recommend a smartphone with the following features:

- 3G
- Wifi
- decent music-playing capability
- WinMobile OS
- Touchscreen (preferably with stylus)

The last two requirements are so I can run Plecodict Chinese language software. Googling 'plecodict which platform' (second result) brings up the designer's hardware recommendations.

In order of importance, the functions I want to use this device for are as follows:

- phone
- Chinese-English electronic dictionary
- mp3 player
- GPS navigation
- check email and read news on the move
- personal organiser

Camera function is not important, though a decent one would save the trouble of carrying a point&shoot as well (I always have a camera on me)

I live in Australia but travel often. I may be in China for most of the rest of this year.


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