I'm a new user and this is my first post, so forgive me if this has been asked before. I did a cursory search and didn't find anything. Here's my situation. My company requires me to have a cellphone and they take care of paying for it. They did not get me a data plan and that is not an option. I currently have a Razor and several friends like to text me and my phone has a numeric keypad which requires many keypresses to a number to get the letters. It is time consuming and frustrating and I want to get a cellphone with a keyboard.

My question is: what QWERTY keyboard cellphones are available to me where I can purchase one on my own hassle free without signing up for a contract, data plan, or any other commitments and simply move the sim card from my Razor? I don't mind paying for the phone out of pocket, but it has to be easy to purchase and switch from my old phone to the new phone and I want the QWERTY keyboard. Please advise.

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